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Resilience in the Workplace – Our client stories

The Resilience coach who has shared this feedback is Yvette Elcock, one of our Accredited Practitioners from the Resilience Dynamic Community of Practice.

In this article, we share resilience in the workplace from the client’s perspective, how resilience works in practice for one of our clients, and how you can cultivate this in your own life.

Client: Working through the difference between soldiering on or what you [The Resilience Dynamic] describes as ‘breakthrough’ is very powerful. The difference between soldiering on and breakthrough is significant in the workplace. The unfortunate trap here is that tenacity and sometimes endurance are seen as virtues, which they are, and the ability to keep going has probably served as well in the past.

Hear from a CEO from a Mid-Sized Organisation Yvette worked with:

‘Breakthrough’ is the active management of a situation where you might decide it’s appropriate to endure for a short period, or change the circumstance, but either is an active decision and strategy.

This can be more demanding initially because you have to maintain a broader perspective, assessing both the situation and our own state, and consider options. One has to resist the ‘perceptual narrowing’ that pressure and stress can generate.
For me tai-chi gives a very useful, physical example and analogy.

The principle in tai-chi is to keep contact, and so remain engaged and ‘listening’ to one’s partner/opponent whilst also staying soft, moving and turning.

Again for me, the warning signs are the sense of pressure and when the focus is on the very immediate, or if I am thinking’ I just need get passed that Board meeting or those dates…

Just coping is a very ‘passive’ form of endurance. ‘Breakthrough’ is more skilful, and so requires an initial investment of effort; but is empowering and more sustainable”.

CEO of mid-sized organisation
The Resilience Dynamic Model

Resilience in the Workplace – The Client Voices

We couldn’t say this any better.

If you want to coach to create these kinds of insights and impact, please invest in your own resilience. We have a range of solutions that will work for your workforce – this client worked with us through the Resilience Dashboard Solo product – this solution works well for individuals and teams. Find out more about our solutions here.

If you are a coach, you can also learn to become a resilience coach with us find out more here.

Article PDF Download

Author: Jenny Campbell Founder and CEO of the Resilience Dynamic

Follow Jenny on LinkedIn for more of her thoughts, resilience research, and ideas.

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